Flexible Material

Time: 2018-08-07

It include many kinds of materials, such as fabric, leather, non-woven fabrics, PU, digital printing textile, plush toy, etc. Comparing with handwork or other mechanical processing, laser has its own special advantages including automatic edge banding, free of making mould, etc.

The major application of laser in flexible material are cutting and marking.

Material size directly decide the machine model. Cutting quantity decide how many laser heads need to install on machine. For rolling material, feeding system is really good helper.

For marking, graphic size decide how many watts of laser need to install. Laser marking has the character of fast speed, customization, precise marking and volume production, etc.

柔性材料 柔性材料 柔性材料

柔性材料 柔性材料 柔性材料

柔性材料 柔性材料 柔性材料

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